5 samples of website navigation done right

5 samples of website navigation done right

Good website navigation is critical for a good user experience. A good user experience will encourage more people to make purchases and is also better for SEO. 

Although website navigation isn’t a direct factor in SEO, a logical site navigation helps Google crawl websites quickly and has an easier time understanding what webpages are around.

 Let’s wash our eyes with some better plans. Then there are five spots that do make the mistakes we just looked at. 

 Smith Brothers—descriptive, terse navigation

Navigation on the Smith Brothers site is concise. Just four particulars, starting with the first and second-most major services and closing with a contact link. Share your valuable blogs and articles, if you have good taste in writing at developergang1@gmail.com. To submit guest posts in the category of Tech Blogs Write for Us. We will appreciate your hard work.

Independent Publishers Group – descriptive, assorted navigation 

 The IPG website uses strong contrast to show the difference between the primary and secondary navigation in the caption. Each has five or fewer items, making it easy to examine. The general term “services” is broken up into two other descriptive tags: “distribution services” and “digital services.”

 Sweat Vac—descriptive, concise navigation with short labels

 In case you didn’t see the photograph (or you’re a search engine), the navigation tells you what this company does headwear. Other products, such as shirts are next on the list. In this minimalist approach, each item is one simple word. 

 Kiefer Swimwear—descriptive, ordered navigation

The Kiefer site has a huge list, but the categories are available as main navigation throughout the site. The most important items for guests (swimwear and swim gear) are listed first. An important item for Kiefer (a deal) is listed last. The less popular orders are in the middle. 

 Euro Furniture – organized navigation with massive drop-down menus

Most visitors hold a room in mind. Smaller guests are looking for a specific product or a brand. The Euro Furniture navigation lists items thus. Mega drop-downs make it easy to move to the next big furniture catalogue. 

 This is a proposition for the moment. But we have seen some papers on this, and there has been some hypothesizing in the SEO community that basically Google is watching as people browse the web, and they can get that data and kind of see that, yeah this is a well-traded runner. 

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