Aussie Festivals that Shouldn’t be Missed

No matter where we go around the world, people love to celebrate! And when we travel, our itineraries are often clocked around the most exciting events and festivities at the place we’re visiting. I’ve been an expat on the continent for ten years and I now call Sydney my ‘home.’ And what I love the most about Australia is its vibrant festivals and celebrations; the way people bend their schedules around festival seasons and celebrations really impresses me! Here, I’ve collated a list of festivals in Australia that attracted me the most. 


Sydney New Year’s Eve 


The Sydney NYE firework is a fabulous event that takes place annually on the world-famous Sydney Harbour. I remember the first time I attended the NYE celebrations on the harbour, some six years back. I got aboard one of the New Year’s Eve cruises in Sydney that offered a mind blowing experience combining dining and sightseeing. The night time celebration is one of the biggest in the world and some millions of people come to the harbour to watch the lights. There are many vantage points in and around the harbour but it’s often a difficulty to secure a spot that is not crowded. I was fortunate that I came to know about the New Year’s Eve dinner cruises in Sydney through a colleague of mine. The fireworks–the 9pm and the midnight shows–are arranged in a grand fashion and they shoot into the skies from barges docked on either side of the Harbour Bridge. So, if you’re visiting the harbour city around this time of the year, make sure you don’t miss this visual extravaganza. 


Cairns Indigenous Art Fair 


If there’s one thing that makes Australia innately beautiful, it has to be its indigenous roots. The Cairns Indigenous Art Fair is a wonderful arts and cultural event taking place every year, which brings together a slew of indigenous art centres, public and commercial galleries, artists collectives and arts organisations across the state of Queensland. The art fair provides an ethical art marketplace and encourages the audience and artists to promote First Nations culture. This year, the festival is all set to return in July. Visit the fair to experience the vibrancy of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures that are unique to Queensland. 


Darwin Festival 

Celebrating the multicultural aspects of the Northern Territory lifestyle, the Darwin Festival is all about the vibrant arts and culture of the Top Enders. The festival takes place every August, transforming it into a wonderland for the visitors and the locals. With a vibrant list of outdoor festivities that feature the quintessential spirit and energy of Darwin, the visitors are promised an unforgettable good time. Head over to the festival to beat the dry winter season and make the most of the fun nights and events on offer here. 


Floriade, ACT


As much as people think of the Australian Capital City(ACT) as boring, the state has a number of events that combat this status and make it worthy of visiting. Floriade is a wonderful celebration of the spring season in the country. The festival takes place every year at the Commonwealth Park.  This year, the festival is set to take place from September 17 to October 16 and the theme will be ‘the Sounds of Spring’. Besides the vibrant displays of a million blooms set to diverse soundtracks, the Floriade community is also expected to make a splash of colours across the town centres and suburbs of Canberra. Visit the festival with your family and kids to enjoy several gardening tips and trips, kids’ activities and horticultural knowledge. 


Are you ready to explore the best of Aussie festivals? Then head over to one of these upcoming events in the country for a perfect Aussie indulgence. 

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