Because of the 2022 World Cup, Google Search Breaks a Record

The Qatar 2022 World Cup (FIFA World Cup 2022) seems to have made the Google search engine break the search traffic record. The reason is, many people flock to access the Google website just to look for information about the football event which is held every four years.

This was conveyed directly by the CEO of Alphabet and Google, Sundar Pichai. In a tweet uploaded via the @sundarpichai handle, Pichai said that this was Google’s biggest achievement in more than two decades.

“Google Search recorded the highest traffic record for the last 25 years at the #FifaWorldCup Final (Qatar 2022 World Cup), as if the whole world was looking for this event,” Pichai said, quoted by KompasTekno from, Tuesday (12/20/2019) 2022).

Pichai did not explain in detail how much traffic the Qatar 2022 World Cup actually had, as well as the number of users who accessed the website on the last day of the world football party. However, based on the Google Trends page, a number of keywords or topics related to the Qatar 2022 World Cup did occupy the top positions in several countries, to be precise at the Final which was held on Sunday (18/12/2022) night.

If you look at the Indonesian version of the Google Trends page, for example, “Argentina” and “France vs Argentina” came out as the most popular keywords on Google Search on December 18, 2022. These two keywords were searched 5 million and 2 million times respectively. As is known, Argentina and France are the two countries that have qualified for the Qatar 2022 World Cup Final.

Argentina won the Qatar 2022 World Cup after beating France on penalties. Because the match ended in a draw, namely 3-3. In the penalty shootout, Argentina scored four goal points, while France was only able to score two goal points so the final score in the penalty shootout was 4-2.

World Cup Final Breaks Google Search Records

Quoting Engadget, Google has effectively become the place to look for information about the final. The final itself is a candidate for the best World Cup Final in history.

Google itself has updated several features in Search before the 2022 World Cup takes place. This update aims to ensure users don’t miss any information about the 2022 World Cup.

Google, among others, dedicated a section at the top with a list of matches that will take place. The list comes with each user’s local date and time.

In the mobile version, either via a browser or app, users will have the option to set notifications for specific teams. To do this, users only need to tap the ‘bell’ icon at the top right and then select the team they want to follow. Not only that, Google also added bits of information such as Lionel Messi who won the World Cup for the first time, Kylian Mbappe’s legendary appearance, and a goal at the end of time from France.

On the other hand, the 2022 World Cup also brought ‘blessings’ for Twitter. Twitter says there are 147 billion tweets about the World Cup with the name Lionel Messi being mentioned the most.

“There has been an increase of 147 billion impressions from conversations with the hashtag World Cup 2022 (#WC2022) globally, far surpassing #WC2018 and more than double the impressions of the #Tokyo2020 Olympics,” Twitter wrote on its official website.

“Fans discuss on Twitter almost every aspect of the game, from watching goal highlights, predicting the results of matches or celebrating the stars,” he wrote again.

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