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How to avoid Congestive Heart Failure?

Well, our heart needs to be boosted regularly for ensuring its normal functioning. Most importantly, an individual needs to consume healthy foods to avoid any cardiac issues. Besides that, the person must avoid practices that can be risky for the heart. Following that, one’s simple steps can be productive in maintaining a healthy heart. Simultaneously, […]

Rational medication and health technology usage

A national body to coordinate policies on medicine use; evidence-based clinical guidelines for training, supervision, and supporting decision-making; lists of essential medicines used for medicine procurement and insurance reimbursement; and medicines and therapeutics committees in districts and hospitals to monitor and implement interventions to improve the use of medicines are all part of the promotion […]

How To Avoid Sugar In Six Easy Steps

Sugar avoidance may appear to be impossible. Added sugar is a part of our daily life, even if you don’t have a sugar addiction. However, it’s difficult to overlook the concrete facts about sugar’s negative effects on human health. Countless studies, public health warnings, health experts, and food and beverage businesses have all warned about […]

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