Christophe Galtier (Paris Saint-Germain): “Messi is not Leo (Messi) who cornered (Mbappe)”

Paris Saint-Germain coach Christophe Galtier, who faces Strasbourg on Wednesday (9:00 pm, on the 16th of Ligue 1), returned to the Argentine celebrations and believes that this will not have any effect on the relationship between Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi.

In what state of mind did you find your group? Is all globalization available?

They will be ready for tomorrow’s game (Wednesday, against Strasbourg) Yes. Everyone arrived on time. We were able to on a case by case basis and some were able to get twelve days off. They train normally. We are single. (Achraf) Hakimi played all the World Cup matches, and was the best defender in the world. Like Kylian (Mbappe), he played great matches, he is the best scorer in the tournament. We talked to him during the competition, and he wanted to join us very quickly. This does not mean that he will not have recovery ranges in the future.

How do you see the celebrations of the new world champions and the rooms of Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez in relation to Kylian Mbappe? Do you think this could leave traces in the relationship between Mbappe and Lionel Messi?

I won’t comment on how we celebrate, that’s up to the Argentines. You don’t have to deal with the caretaker issue. I saw Kylian and Leo holding hands after the final. There is a lot of respect among the players. There was a typical Kylian situation, I saw Kylian congratulating Leo and the coach (Lionel Scaloni). It’s not Leo who entered the room, we have to leave Leo outside. There is no reason to mix everything up, you don’t have to comment on the guard’s reaction. Killian had a very good attitude. Show a lot of class by going to congratulate Leo. It’s good for the club and the team.

Is there a danger for Kylian Mbappe and Ashraf Hakimi to return soon?

I don’t believe in that. The approach is collective. Hakimi and Mbappe wanted to return to play the two games. As long as they were healthy both physically and mentally, we had no interest in depriving ourselves of them. We’ll have to see management to be able to stream their calendar (in January). We have an idea on that.

“I am trying with my staff to prepare different activities, to find a third organization with a different activity. With a very busy schedule, we have to think about it.”

In which state did you find Neymar? Is he still hurting his ankle?

Neymar we saw his injury (against Serbia, November 24). Behind, he was able to organize two matches (the eighth and quarter-finals for Brazil at the World Cup). He was able to get treatment, and he had a wound for twelve days. He had his entire medical team around him. On December 22nd he worked inside, then it was business as usual. On a mental level, he really wants to play. It’s a good sign.

Would you like to test a third system?

I am trying with the work team to prepare different animations, to find a third organization with different animations. With a very busy schedule, we’ve got to think about it. It’s still too early to act on it. I have thoughts in my head. This third organization must make up for possible absences on offensive or defensive elements.

Can Renato Sanches return to his best form in the second half of the season?

I am convinced. He was suffering from muscle bruising. It will not be available tomorrow. Training will resume at the end of the week. Very well set up, it’s very “decent”, very sharp. I have no doubt that Renato can bring all his qualities. Lee showed during this setup that he wasn’t too far from his best.

What kind of opposition can you expect against Strasbourg?

Hard. It is a team that will play for its survival in the second game and has had time to prepare well. They are looking for another organization. Do not rely on their current ranking (19, 11 points). We start from scratch. The start of the season was very good, because the players were serious, humble and looking forward. We’ll have to get all of that out tomorrow when we kick off.

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