Does Islam Prohibit Women From Taking Education?

Did you get the Islamic English medium school that you were searching for? In the digital world, education is essential for everyone.

We often see people have a query like “does Islam prohibit women from taking education?” So, let’s dig deep and understand women’s education in Islam.

Women Education and Islam: Explained

Knowledge is essential for everyone in Islam. The first word that came out was “Iqra,” – means read. According to the Muslim religion, it is necessary to gain knowledge for every male or female Muslim.

There is no difference between education and knowledge by Quran. We cannot find any religious books or places where women’s education is denied.

Prophet Muhammad’s hadiths state that “seeking knowledge is a duty of every Muslim, man or woman.”

Additionally, Quran says, “those truly fear Allah, among His Servants, who know.” These statements explain that Islam promotes knowledge and education hand-in-hand.

Current State

In many Muslim countries, we can see the despair of men’s and women’s education. We can see that the illiteracy rates are increasing proportionally to lacking education for women. The education rate of women is always lower than the education rate of men. Even many Islamic English medium schools are establishing.

In the world bank report, they mentioned that Bangladesh is one of the countries where female dropouts live and have gender disparities. Many surveys result in a gap between males and females. The main categories where inequality is seen:

  • Politics
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Health.

International Law

Inequality in gender is not only seen in Muslim countries; instead, it is a global problem. In many population and development conferences, many international celebrities explain the importance of education in Islam.

In addition, through MDGs, the United Nations emphasize education while building a democratic country with sustainable economic growth.

The government takes new measures to reduce gender discrimination, and they believe in having equality for everyone by ignoring illegal discrimination. From 187 out of 194 countries signed in International treaty where only three countries have majority Muslim population.

Current Issues

Muslim majority countries always want their place to get higher rates of education and literacy. However, society doesn’t encourage women enough through the obstacles and inequalities. It has become challenging for women to survive in many countries for the oppression they receive. In many countries, the government creates Islamic laws to stop women’s education.

According to many women, some Islamic countries do not leave any stone unturned to stop women from leaving home, whereas there are some countries where half of the females are illiterate. However, Islam does not promote inequality; instead, men and women need to gain knowledge.

Power of Women Education

In Muslim majority states, the rates of women’s literacy and education keep decreasing continuously. However, women have many societal adversities connected to their education. Countries need to realize the benefits of women’s education.

One benefit is economic growth. In many surveys, we have results where female education can reduce poverty and helps in many other benefits. When the country has a higher rate of women’s education, the health condition of the country also gets better with less fertility, population growth, and reducing child mortality.

In Muslim majority countries, women’s education also helps marry and give birth at a young age. Therefore, if the Muslim majority countries have proper women’s rights, they could easily grow by less poverty and more economic growth.

Women Empowerment

There are many programs that Muslim societies run to help in women’s empowerment. A way to have better achievements is gender equality. Additionally, educating women can also increase income. When a woman is educated, they also help in social benefits – particularly schooling. 

Everyone deserves to have proper rights in the country. Women’s oppression is not accepted in many countries to help in education and empowerment. According to law, Muslim societies should provide primary education to their women. Additionally, with proper manners, women can make their own decisions which will help the family.

Society needs to help women’s empowerment. Women empowerment includes taking advantage of rights, taking care of their health, and making decisions that will help in the future. Moreover, women and men also need to know about women’s empowerment to help the country turn better. 


According to Quran, men and women have the equal right to education. If you read the full article, you will understand that Islam does not prohibit women from taking education. Like everything, as there are many benefits, there can also be problems. So, it does not mean we need to stop educating women.

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