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Travel can enrich our minds and educate us far beyond classrooms and textbooks. As someone who loves to travel and is curious about learning different landscapes, I’ve felt that my journeys ultimately helped me to learn and understand more about myself. So if you have plans for a family vacation or a break from your work, I would suggest a trip to Sydney, one of my favourite destinations where you are guaranteed the absolute best vibes and a relaxing environment. So, here are my suggestions to add to your Sydney itinerary.


See the Popular Harbour Attractions


Sydney Harbour Bridge can be seen as one of the main indicators of Australian charm and modernity. But fondly, the bridge is often called ‘the coathanger’ due to its structural similarity with a coat or cloth hanger. This heritage landmark possesses astonishing views of the city and the Blue Mountains on the west. Besides the bridge, the harbour is also gifted with another architectural marvel called the Opera House, one of the world’s newest UNESCO sites and the iconic Sydney landmark. There are many world-class cruising restaurants on the harbour offering a spectacular Sydney Harbour cruise with lunch so that we can enjoy the prime views of the harbour delights with restaurant-style dining. Let me tell you this, it is definitely a great opportunity to enjoy the iconic Sydney skyline, shimmering waters, and all those beautiful views. If you are concerned about the budget, let me clear about this. Even though it sounds so luxurious, from a premium glass boat to an authentic paddlewheeler and a budget-friendly catamaran, there are many options for you to choose from, without losing your hard-earned dollars. Choose one of the lunch cruises you can afford and enjoy the ultimate relaxing harbour sightseeing experience.


A Visit to Surry Hills


Surry Hills is a picture-perfect tree-leafed suburb perfect for spending your holidays in a serene and calm atmosphere. It is an evolving area popular for its cultural richness and also cuisine. So, if you are someone who loves to travel to taste different flavours, then you should check out Surry Hills because there are many restaurants and eateries you’d love. You can plan your day or night out in Surry Hills with your loved ones enjoying some amazing local taste and creative energy. Because Surry Hills is all about its peaceful village tenderness and style of a city promising a unique experience for every visitor to date. If you want to explore and learn more about the place, you can check out the contemporary galleries, luxury shopping centers, pretty cool restaurants, and more along your way. Let me assure you that you will definitely have fun during your holiday trip if you can make it up to Surry Hills since you have limitless options and opportunities in Surry Hills, to discover its highlights as well as communicate with its natives.


Letting the Inner Child Out in Luna Park


I strongly believe there is a child in everyone surrounding us. So, Luna Park in Sydney is the best destination where you can let your inner child free. Luna Park is one of the most popular and most visited amusement parks and tourist destinations in Sydney. It is a heritage-listed site protected by the NSW government for its people. There are many fun rides in the park including the iconic Ferris Wheel, roller coaster, and some interesting adventure programmes featuring terror and delight in our eyes. To add to everything, you can also enjoy spectacular views of Sydney Harbour from Luna Park and can easily reach here by a short ferry ride from the Circular Quay.


So, these are my suggestions to add to your Sydney itinerary. If you haven’t made one yet, you can refer to my suggestions and make your trip a memorable one. 

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