Foolproof Date Ideas in Sydney 2022


Variety is the spice of life. Yes, Sydney has plenty of rooftop joints and A1 pasta spots, but there’s more to it than regular dining out experiences to sum a perfect date. Meaning, if you’re looking to kick it up a notch for your next date, we have options. You  might not always be in the mood for a beer at the beach or the ol’ dinner and movie combo, so it’s time to get creative and set the bar even higher. Spice up your game with these unique and failproof date ideas in Sydney.


Romantic Cruise for Two


There’s nothing more romantic than a scenic cruise along the harbour waters with you and your only one by your side. Book one of the Sydney Harbour dinner cruises and impress your partner with a top-class dining experience on the majestic harbour waterways, cruising past some of the most iconic attractions of the nation including the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Luna Park and more! Choose one of the Sydney Harbour cruises to create memorable moments on its spacious outer decks, with the illuminated city skyline as your only witness. Lunch cruises in Sydney are your next best option, especially if you prefer going out during the day. Stroll the outer decks with your companion, taking in the stunning views of the harbour spectacles, before heading inside for a lip-smacking lunch! Your date is sure to be blown away by this mesmerising experience, so be sure to capture every moment on your camera. You can always further enhance your experience by purchasing drinks and other beverages from the fully licensed bar!


Arcade, Karaoke and more at Goros


Sake and Karaoke? Yes, please! Goros is an izakaya-style restaurant and bar serving everything from Japanese cuisines to sake. If you and your loved one are two peas in a pod when it comes to arcades and drinks, then this place is it. This venue combines vintage arcade games, flashing neon lights, japanese food and a karaoke, perfectly designed for late night shenanigans. Whether it’s a fun night out or a first date, this joint in Surry Hills will do justice. Afterall, nothing like a drunk couple singing their heart out to old classics. Few signature drinks here is include the OG sake banger bomb and the rum-spiked bubble tea, burger stuffed with prawn katsu, and other casual bites which accompany the Asahi and Sapporo.


Gallery Tours


The perfect date idea does exist. Are you and your significant other admirers of art and everything around them? Then gallery-crawling is a great idea, especially at one of Sydney’s most sophisticated art galleries or museums. You will inevitably come across something or everything that shocks, inspires or provokes you and your partner. This is a fantastic opportunity to spark some fierce conversations like what is art or what makes an art good or something along the lines of these age-old moot points. White Rabbit Gallery is known for its cutting-edge creative scenes and they will be hosting a multidimensional exhibition of modern art, which is sure to transcend you and your lover through various worlds.


Conquer the Clay at Pottery Classes


There’s no better way to bond and get to know your partner than when learning a new skill. Recreate that scene from Ghost, and while you can’t get quite as steamy or supernatural, you will still get to test your creative skills. And while you may get a bit messy, hopefully you will be able to take home new crockeries for the kitchen, under expert guidance. While moving to the rhythm of the pottery wheel you might find that this is actually a meditative experience, thus a great way to ease your mind after a tiring day at work.


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