How Does a Personal Injury Case Proceed in The Court?

Many people get injured due to others’ mistakes and suffer both physically and financially but still, they don’t fight. They don’t file a claim against the culprit and try to overcome the financial needs on their own. And the reason is the lengthy court proceedings.


Yes, the personal injury court proceedings are lengthy but not always. It depends on the case you are fighting. Chances are that you might get the result within a day or two after filing the case in court. But, if you don’t fight and file the claim, the culprit will roam freely without any worries. You will be burdened now and forever.


Do you know why it happens? It’s because you don’t know what happens in court after the personal injury claim is filed. You don’t know how the case proceeds and how personal injury lawyers in Dublin take care of the case.


To help you with this, we will discuss what happens to the personal injury case when it goes to court.


People who handle the case 

Fighting the case and getting the best return for the filed claim without a personal injury lawyer in Dublin is impossible. You will not know where to start and process the case to get the expected outcome. So, the one very important person will be an injury lawyer who will present your case in court. The defending party will hire a lawyer as well.


Other than lawyers, there will be a judge who will make the final decision after the fight. Sometimes, a jury selection will take place. A jury will be composed of a few high-profile individuals, who will review your case and help the judge in taking the decision.


The selection of the jury is done strategically. The judge interviews the individuals in the jury to know their personal views on various case types. Also, the judge will try to know the individuals personally. The individuals are judged on different parameters before selection.


Stages of personal injury case in the court 

Once the jury is selected, your case will move to trial.


The trial will start with the opening statements from the personal injury lawyers of both parties. Sometimes, time is allocated to the lawyers so that they don’t extend much and continue speaking for a long time.


Next, the case will move on to presenting the evidence. Both the lawyers will present pieces of evidence such as CCTV recordings, things collected from the accident site, and others. Generally, the lawyers call witnesses to back up the evidence presented during the trial as well as tell their sides of the story. The case becomes stronger when an eye-witness is presented in the trial. This is where a personal injury lawyer plays an important role. The lawyer prepares the evidence and demonstrates it properly before the judge.


After presenting the evidence, both the lawyers will get the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses. They can ask any question to the other side’s witness. This too is very critical because witnesses can make any changes on spot. The lawyers know how to tackle such situations.


The fight and case presentation isn’t over without closing arguments or statements. Here, both the lawyers will try to persuade the judge to give the decision in their favor.


Decision by the jury and the judge 

In case the judge is the whole-sole decision-maker of your personal injury case, the result will be declared on the spot based on the evidence and witnesses, But, if there is a jury, the members will decide in a separate room and come to a conclusion or verdict. Later, the jury will inform the judge who will present it to both parties.


A personal injury case is properly defined by the law. So, you shouldn’t worry about the time and should fight for it. The only thing is to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Dublin.






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