How to book a dummy air ticket?

Visiting another country seems easy but it requires one to meet some eligibility provisions like Dummy ticket booking. This includes a VISA, passport, good civil and medical history, medical insurance, and many more things. If any applicant is unable to fulfill any of these requirements and formalities, he/she is not eligible to travel internationally.

Why is there a need to fulfill all requirements?

Some people might get confused about why there are so many restrictions on traveling outside the nation and why one needs to be eligible to travel internationally. Well! To visit any other country there is a need for a VISA, which is like approval from that particular country of allowing the following people to step on their land.

That is why it is necessary to provide adequate proof and eligibility to make them believe you are not harmful to any of their citizens, public or private property, and resources. Like if a criminal visits another country and commits a crime, it will be an enormous loss for the morality of that nation.

Also, there are so many reasons like if medically unfit people or people suffering from a severe medical condition visit another country and get seriously ill there. That person will be a concern for the medical team of that country. That is why such people are not granted a VISA. The VISA can be granted only after medical insurance or enough bank balance for treatment.


What are some eligibility requirements for VISA? 

Every nation has set up a certain amount of requirements needed to be satisfied by an applicant while visiting their nation. The proof of all the requirements had to be submitted to the immigration department and after verifying the VISA is granted. Here are a few things that must be available while applying for a VISA:

Dummy Air Ticket

A dummy ticket is similar to a flight reservation, the only difference is the price, and the dummy ticket can be canceled anytime or can be converted into an original flight ticket anytime.  Dummy ticket booking can be done online through various websites and platforms.


There is a need for a valid passport along with some conditions to be satisfied with the passport. The passport must be valid for the next two months, a few pages must be vacant at the last, and it must be renewed and stamped by the government.

Medical insurance

There must be medical insurance to cover minor and major medical issues that occurred in that nation. Most nations request medical coverage while granting a VISA. 

Bank balance

An applicant is only approved for VISA if he/she has enough funds to live their livelihood and bear all the expenses of that country. For that, there must be enough balance in the bank account of the applicant.

Favorable civil

The civil score must be favorable to the applicant, and there must not be criminal history or unlawful background of that person.



There are a lot more requirements needed to be satisfied like the genuine reason to visit that country, not suffering from spreading disease, having proper proof of residence, and many more. For dummy ticket booking, you can visit any genuine website.

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