How to Create a Ghost Mannequin Effect?

How to Create a Ghost Mannequin Effect?

In this era of modernization, eCommerce is an ever-growing sector. Online platforms are creating more buzz in every community. 

A good showcasing of the products can increase the conversion rate for any eCommerce store. In this area, the Ghost Mannequin effect is benefitting a lot. It helps showcase products(clothing in particular) in the best possible way at the lowest cost. 

What is a Ghost Mannequin Effect?
Ghost Mannequin effect or neck joint is the method of removing the dummy from the clothing products. It is the technique of combining many images of cloth in post-processing. The goal is to create a realistic view by keeping the focus firmly on your product. The 3D view replicates the original look of the cloth when someone wears it.

You can do the editing and also can get Ghost mannequin effect service online from various providers.

Ghost Mannequin helps to cut the cost of hiring models. However, it keeps the professional look and attractiveness of the product intact. It retains the actual shape without a visible model or dummy.

How to Create a Ghost Mannequin Effect?

Ghost Mannequin will come in handy in your eCommerce and apparel business. You should arrange a dummy, some lights, a DSLR camera, and a one-coloured backdrop for photographing your product.

For post-processing, we will be using Adobe Photoshop. Decent background knowledge in Photoshop will be helpful enough.

Let us get started with the main procedure. Assuming you have a moderate grasp of Photoshop tools.

  1. Taking the Photographs

Once you are ready with the setup, place the cloth on the dummy and take some shots.

A good lighting angle will eliminate any disturbing shadows. Try different angles if there is a problem with shades.

In the main view, the inside portion is not visible. So we have to rely on another inside shot to combine with the main-view. It will create a realistic hollow effect. 

  • Importing the images to Photoshop

Now import both of the images to Photoshop. Use shortcut Ctrl+O to open images from a particular directory.

  • Selecting the Edges

Now we will make a selection from the first photo (Main view).
Choose the pen tool and create a selection on the edges. Start from the collar line of the cloth.

Make a selection of the whole cloth along the edges. For a proper selection, you must close the path. Once you finish, press Ctrl+Enter, and it will convert the path into a selection.

  • Inversing the Selection

After step 3, the cloth is now in the selection. Our target is to remove the background, including the Mannequin. So we have to inverse the selection to do that.

Press Shift+Ctrl+I to select everything apart from the product. Now delete the background.

  • Combining the inner Photo(Neck View)

Now it’s time for the 2nd image. We have the whole image, but the neck part looks abstract. Our goal is to create a realistic view, and we have to join the neck part to make it natural.

From the inner photo, crop the neck portion. Now bring that to the original image.

You have to make sure the Neck Layer is under the Original Layer. Otherwise, it will appear on top of the main view. You can drag and move the layer up and down.

After the placement, resize the portion to match the dimension of the main view. 

  • Fine-Tuning the Final Image

Certain things will damage the attractiveness of the final image. Sometimes it may create an unnatural view also. Problems like unwanted creases, visible neck joints and improper shadings may occur.

You can use the Patch tool or Clone tool to remove the creases from the image.

In the joints of both of the images, there may be some non-similar portions. Use the patch or clone tool to match them.

After a few tweaks, you will finally have the image to place on your eCommerce store.

Ghost Mannequin Effect Services online

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