How to Use Gmail to Grow Traffic for Your Blog?

How to Use Gmail to Grow Traffic for Your Blog?

Did you buy Gmail PVA accounts but not getting your desired traffic? Then this article might help you.

People often use Gmail PVA – Phone verified Gmail accounts for email marketing for personal or business purposes. They use Gmail accounts to engage more audiences to your blog or website.

If you are searching for “how to use Gmail to grow traffic for your blog,” this is the article you want.

Throughout the article, you’ll get the most effective ways to increase your traffic. So let’s start without further day.

7 Ways to Grow Traffic for Your Blog

There are many ways through which you can grow traffic for your blog. Some practical ways are listed below:

  1. Share and respond to your audience
  2. Create folders for messages
  3. Promote your contents
  4. Build relationships with customers
  5. Marketing through Email
  6. Call to action
  7. Market research

So let’s start.

  1. Share and respond to your audience

The most important way to grow traffic is to connect with your audience and responding to their queries. The audience feels prioritized when a marketer has one-to-one contact, so they believe that you can solve their issues. As a result, your blog or website ends up increasing customers.

  1. Create folders for messages

One way to connect with the audience is to communicate quickly and efficiently. According to researches, one popular site to grow traffic is Gmail. It is better if an owner creates separate folders for messages of different problems.

If you use Gmail accounts, you can easily set labels that will divide the folders. Therefore, communication is the key to success.

  1. Promote your contents

Usually, people find it a task to promote their content. Gmail has an option where you can analyze audiences. In that way, you can check for the content your audience prefers.

In a blog, you can easily link other sites with relevant content to reach more traffic. There is a high chance of customers clicking the links, and finally, the strategy will help you grow traffic. 

  1. Build relationships with customers

As marketers always try long-term strategies to build a relationship with customers, Gmail can easily help you with this task. You will get a Gmail subscribers option where you can communicate with audiences.

However, owners need to provide authentic information about products and services in blogs. When the audience reads a blog and finds them to be connectable, they will visit your website or blogs regularly and result in growing traffic.

  1. Market through Email

If you were using a Gmail account and did not market through Email, what are you doing? On every website, marketers use the option to sign up to connect with the audience.

Through Gmail accounts, you can keep track of your old as well as new customers. Once they provide you with the information, you can use their Email for marketing.

Gmail has an option through which you can send Emails to your audience in one click. Sometimes, customers receive emails in the spam folder.

In most cases, the strategy helps many audiences to click links to the start-ups’ blogs. As a result, Gmail helps start-ups to traffic in blogs and websites.

  1. Use call to action

We get a common question from marketers where they seek answers for targeting the audience. AIDA is a simple technique for a target audience. 

AIDA means audience, interest, desire and action. The basic steps to make use of AIDA are:

  • Audience: it is essential to attract your audience with creative headlines 
  • Interest: when the audience knows about your blog, you need to increase their interest to visit the website. 
  • Desire: after having an interest, they need to urge to get the service or product. 
  • Action: this is a call for action, where the main aim is for customers to get your service or product.
  1. Do market research

Market research is to understand the customer, starting from their needs to their preferences. When you start blogging, you need to understand the behaviour of audiences and the contents they prefer to read. 

You can also use Gmail for market research and, eventually, create contents to connect with them directly. By the end, you will see that your blogs are reaching more customers.


These are some of the ways to help your traffic to grow. Customers prefer to get priority, and Gmail is one way that can help your website. Researches find that Gmail accounts are the most efficient way to outreach your traffic.

After reading the article, you already know how to use Gmail to grow more traffic for your blog. In that case, PVA accounts are beneficial and effective. So, if you still didn’t start with a Gmail account, it is time for you to grab the opportunity!

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