Im a hot single mum in my 30s – younger men won’t stop asking me out

Im a hot single mum in my 30s – younger men won’t stop asking me out

Nadia has her fans and admirers’ tongues wagging when she posted new videos on TikTok but she made it clear that she wasn’t ready for a long-term relationship yet

A “hot mum” happy in her single life said she’s been busy turning her young admirers away.

Nadia shares her reactions to relationship situations on TikTok and admits she’s not ready to commit to anything serious.

“Finally getting comfortable being a single mum,” she mentioned in one recent post, in which she was seen playing with her hair and smiling into the camera.


The TikToker showed off her voluptuous body in a sports bra and shorts, then she pulled a face with an overlay text written “Then someone’s 25 years old son trying to lock me down”.

“Only younger dudes in my direct messages these days. I’m very flattered,” she captioned.

Her video was viewed more than 15,000 times and viewers were stunned by her beauty.

“You don’t look too old, you look really good and you are so pretty and fine!” a fan wrote.

One man said: “You’re about to have a 26-year-old in your DM too.”

Another joked: “It’s me I’m the 25-year-old in her DMs. Still waiting for a response I’ll keep you guys posted!”

Luckily Nadia is not alone in this situation as another single mum shared her problem of having too many young pursuers.

Tina, who is in her late 30s, revealed that young men won’t stop chasing her – including her son’s friends.

She once had a man “following her at a gym” and she had to tell him: “Sir, you just graduated last year.”

Her son’s friend apparently confessed to her at a family dinner, telling Tina that he’s now a grown man, hinting that he’s legal to be in a relationship with her.

While the single mum might be enjoying the fliratatious flings, Tina admitted she still prefers to stay single and takes care of her two children herself.

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