Important Things You Should Know About Animal Charities!

In this crazy yet authentic world, the most come encounter human beings have with animals is when they consume products made from them, be it milk, meat, leather, and so on. For animals that are taken advantage of by these filthy-rich industries, life is defined by nerve-wracking suffering, agony, and constraint.

Animal charities are set up on the behalf of these helpless animals who fail to defend themselves from the brutality of human beings, to reduce or completely eliminate their sufferings.

No matter whether it is regarding the protection of animals from being trafficked or combating animals born and raised on farms, animal charities or animal donation organizations always try and push for better welfare of animals.

What is an animal charity?

When it comes to an animal charity, it is right to say that it is an organization (animal donation organization) typically set up and dedicated to shielding animals. In the USA, these charities are designated as 501(c) (3) organizations. This means, they operate in service of a stated mission instead of collecting profits as corporations do. All money raised by many different animal charities generally comes in the form of donations and grants and should be diverted to the mission instead of benefiting shareholders or investors.

To your knowledge, animal charities can serve different purposes. While some charities are more involved in specific activities such as shelters that take care of abandoned or lost companion animals, others are broadly involved in campaigning on a range of domestic and international issues. Below listed are a couple of examples of the issues that animal charities can and do address:

  • Wildlife trafficking
  • Farm animal welfare
  • Habitat protection
  • Plant-based lifestyle advocacy
  • Marine mammal advocacy
  • Animal exploitation in entertainment (e.g., zoos, aquariums, circuses)

Why are animal charities important?

Animal charities are the best and only line of defense for helpless animals. Pumped by missions rather than financial gain, animal charities fight for enhanced protections for animals in legislation and policy. Moreover, they also work to create public awareness of the harms that animals endure at human hands. Lots of protected habitats that will enable animals to exist as they wish in the wild!

In today’s era, the ongoing relationship between humans and animals has typically been based on one thing that is domination. Globally, animals are widely contemplated as property, both legally and ideologically. Animals are used, and most often abused, for tons of human purposes.

And without animal charities, animals would have remained at the mercy of various sectors solely motivated by money. With animal charities, animals have a fighting chance. These charities educate and encourage people to think logically about how their lifestyle choices have been impacting animals negatively.

How do charities help animals?

Animal charities conduct their work by utilizing various kinds of tactics, including:

  • Grassroots activism
  • Vegan outreach and public events
  • Undercover investigations into places like laboratories and farms
  • Legal actions against animal businesses
  • Political activism that encourages animal-friendly legislation

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