Interim Implementation of Electronic Labelling for Human Prescription Drugs


On April 22, 2022, Health Canada gave a notification to the medical industry on the in-between time execution of electronic labelling for human physician prescribed drugs. Counsel on the draft direction “Electronic media in physician recommended drug labelling” was open between March 12, 2021 and May 7, 2021. The direction record delivered by Health Canada frames the assumptions for conveying data about a doctor prescribed drug item utilizing an electronic stage that is connected to that drug item’s label.

An electronic stage alludes to an electronic innovation used to disperse data, for instance a site. A connection alludes to a reference on a label which focuses to or gives admittance to an electronic stage, for example, a standardized identification or web address.

A medication name is any legend, word or imprint connected to, remembered for, having a place with or going with a medication. Customarily, this would incorporate a medication’s:

  • bundle inserts
  • internal and external labels
  • item monograph (PM)
  • whatever other materials that are remembered for the medication bundle or provided at the hour of administering the drug

Medical services suppliers and clinical patients have become more dependent on computerized innovations as a wellspring of health data. To work with admittance to this data, a few patrons have submitted applications to Health Canada looking for approval to add helpful data to physician recommended drug names, for example, 2D scanner tags and web addreseses/URLs. These connections guide clients to an item unambiguous electronic stage with the assistance of an electronic gadget like a telephone or tablet.

Interim Implementation Approach

Health Canada has affirmed that substitution of labels (bundle embeds and other physical materials noted above) with ‘electronic labels’ isn’t being considered as of now for human doctor prescribed drugs. On the off chance that Sponsors might want to remember ‘joins’ for their physical product label guiding end-clients to electronic stages, the data contained on such electronic stages ought to be restricted exclusively to the most modern supported Product Monographs or potentially Risk Management Plans or other Health Canada endorsed records. Health Canada has expressed that this break execution approach might be returned to from here on out, after additional meeting with partners.


The Interim Implementation approach proposed by Health Canada will smooth out the administrative cycle for the two Sponsors and Health Canada, while additionally working with admittance to state-of-the-art supported labelling data to end-clients.

Supporters should keep on guaranteeing that their more extensive electronic stages stay in consistence with administrative publicizing prerequisites. As of now, there are no limitations on what sort of ‘joins’ or ‘links’ might be utilized yet, but thought ought to be given to guarantee satisfactory openness and readability of the physical labels.

There will be no effect on any recently supported actual labels containing ‘joins’ or ‘links’ to data remembered for electronic stages. The Interim Implementation approach will be applied on a go-ahead premise. Supports are urged to connect with important functional regions and through customary commitment channels (e.g., pre-submission meetings) to examine their Plain language labeling health canada submission requirements as well as recommendations or proposals.

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