Mobile apps for business: To be and has to be!

Shakespeare once said, ‘To be or not to be, that is the question’ Well, in today’s scenario, it is quintessential for any business enterprise to be reachable anywhere and everywhere, in every location possible and that is perhaps, one of the biggest things facilitated by mobile apps. Since being in multiple locations and serving multiple people physically, Is neither feasible nor easy, businesses today make their availability 24 x 7 x 365 by building and using their very own mobile apps that make it easy for employees and customers to reach the business anytime and every time!

Take, for example, a bank that may have its employees or customers or both, needing to put in a request for a new checkbook and skip long lines on a busy Monday morning, or take for example a flight service where a flight can be booked in the middle of the night or a flight checkin that can be done on the app to avoid long waits on the airport counter, or a food delivery company that allows for food to be booked on an app eliminating the need for customer service people by 90%!

All of the examples above are of ways where business have made their lives and those of their customers much easier, by having created and/or launched a mobile app service that customers can use, to reach them anywhere and everywhere. Imagine life today when your bank does not have an app or if there is no UPI, Zomato, or Swiggy. Sounds impossible right? That is precisely the point we are trying to make!

Mobile app development for businesses is the need of the times today and companies like Gate6 make the creation, launch, and maintenance of a mobile app for your business easy, even though it is not. Creating a mobile app requires deep thought on platform selection between Android, iOS, and custom platforms. Then it needs blueprinting, ideology, implementation, development, quality testing, listing on an app market, and more.

App Security is also a factor of mammoth importance for any business looking to launch an app for mobile devices. Would you like it if you were a financial services company and your app had loopholes that caused sensitive information loss to hackers? You wouldn’t right?? To combat this, companies are partnering with some or the other mobile app security firm to ensure that apps meet security standards.

Gate6 has in fact gone one step ahead, by partnering with a top cybersecurity firm, Lookout to provide end-to-end security on apps. Additionally, Gate6 has years and years of experience, one of the best customer support teams, partnerships with top-of-the-line companies, ultra-modern technology, extensive quality testing, Gamification and ELP methodologies and so much more. 

What more could you want for your app when you get all of this and a company that stands by you at every step? Let’s discuss your project today!

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