IJ Start Canon Setup – Download & Install Printer Drivers

This post showed how to install a Canon printer using Ij.start.cannon. Wired and wireless networks were connected on Windows and Mac.   Ij.start.cannon Printer Setup (Wireless) on Windows   To install the printer driver, visit Ij.start.cannon setup. Activate the Canon printer and check the cord. After opening the driver setup file, go to “Wireless Setup.” […]

Countries Where Christmas is a Summer Affair

Christmas is a beautiful festival that is somehow often associated with joy, the colours white and red and gifts, snow and, above all, winter season. But did you know that all countries do not celebrate Christmas during summer? Yes, that’s right. Not all countries celebrate a “white” Christmas, let alone, Christmas in cold weather. I […]

Online Reading Comprehension for Children

Online Reading Comprehension for Children Online reading comprehension for kids isn’t the same as reading on paper. That may feel tone-apparent, but the experience involved is entirely different, as are the intentions with which internet users read. Online reading is non-linear, based more on skimming than deep reading. A skill children learn is to examine […]

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