Stage process instructions on how to install the Canon IJ Setup.

Ij.start canon: Setup Canon printer today


Visit to download Canon printer drivers. Canon printers are great for printing documents, paper, photos, scanning, faxing, and more. helps you set up a Canon printer for advanced printing features. See below for a Canon iJ printer setup with WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, and other options.


  1. Canon IJ Setup installation


-Download printer-specific drivers first. Ensure compatibility while downloading and installing.


-Double-click the item to install. Choose “wireless connection” when prompted to connect the printer. If you’re wired, choose USB.


Before continuing, Mac users must enter their password.


-Turn on the Canon printer and check the connections for optimal power.


-Hold the printer’s Wi-Fi alarm lamp key until it flashes twice.


-Press the Wi-Fi alarm lamp key.


-The blue flashing Wi-Fi lamp ensures that the printer and router are connected.


-The Wi-Fi lamp flashes blue.


-Read and accept the license agreement. First, look out for the wireless network name and printer model in your neighborhood.


-Click “Finish” after checking that the printer and wireless network are linked.


  1. Canon IJ USB printer configuration


-If you can’t find the printer, click “establish network connection through USB”


-Now connect the printer to your computer through USB. MAC users click NEXT.


-To connect your printer to a wireless network, select “yes” when the access point appears. To remove a printer from a MAC, click ALLOW. Click NEXT.


-If you’re using Windows, click “COMPLETE”


-MAC users must click OK when prompted to connect the printer to their PCs.


-Click the “ADD PRINTER” driver version. Click “ADD.”


-Click NEXT to finish the printer USB configuration.


  1. Canon IJ wireless printer Windows configuration


-Power on the Canon printer, then select “Device Settings” from the settings menu.


-After selecting choices, click “OK,” then “LAN Settings,” then “OK.”


-Click down again, then “ok” to select “Wireless LAN Setup.”


-Your printer will start searching for wifi networks, and the bulb will flash.


-After selecting Wi-Fi, input the WPA/WEP key or password.


-You must click “ok” twice to complete the setup.


-Download and install the printer driver from


-After the device and printer, select “Add a printer” from the control panel’s top left.


-After choosing the right model from Windows, you may set up your printer. Canon.ijstart is where to download Canon printer drivers quickly. Install a Canon inkjet printer at / This guarantees high-quality printouts. Download, install, and set up the ij printer using the steps below.


-Download the printer’s drivers.


-Install Canon’s driver on a Mac or PC.


-Connect the printer to the PC.


-Prepared Canon inkjet printer.


  1. How can I install Canon IJ using


Here are instructions for downloading and installing Canon printer drivers.


-Use an updated browser for Canon printer setup.


-Visit’s “Set Up (Start Here)” tab.


-Next, enter the Canon printer model.


-On the screen, you can select your Canon iJ printer’s initial two letters.




-Change or pick Windows, or Mac, from the canon ij setup box.


-Finally, get canon drivers and a canon ij setup.


-Double-click the setup file in the Downloads folder to install Canon printer software.


-Follow on-screen prompts to install printer setup.


  1. Step-by-step Canon printer setup


Https Canon printer setup takes a while. Connect your inkjet printer, laptop, and PC wirelessly. If your printer is ready, follow these procedures.


Canon software: Install the Canon CD-ROM or download the Canon iJ printer setup.


-Connect to WiFi – Press the IJ printer’s WiFi button until a steady orange light appears.


-Wireless router: Press the WPS button and watch for green and blue alarm lights to flash.


-Connect to a network and check your Canon IJ printer’s network status.


-Double-click the setup files [PKG or EXE] to install the software.


-Select a connection type During Canon IJ setup installation, choose USB or wireless.


-Follow the Canon printer software installation steps, then click Finish.


If your printer can’t connect wirelessly, use a USB cord. Plug the USB cord into the laptop port to connect the Canon IJ printer.


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