Sydney in August: Why You Should Visit?


No introduction is necessary when writing a blog about Sydney, but I’ll just go with the flow just for the sake of it. The luxurious coastal city of Sydney is home to some of the most legendary man-made structures including the Opera House with its iconic sail and the steel-arched Harbour Bridge. But it’s not all buildings and concrete! There are many national parks within the city as well as beaches which creates the perfect symphony between nature and man. 


Visiting Sydney in August is a great choice as it has just passed the coldest month of the year and a lot of tourists won’t be making their way to the city anytime soon. Even the flight prices and accommodation costs are significantly low during this time of the year!


A grand start


The harbour city is best enjoyed from the waters and the Sydney harbour dinner cruises are your best bet to enjoy close-up views of some of its treasured landmarks. You get to enjoy an upscale dining experience on some of the city’s most famous boats which will also take you past the top harbourfront attractions including the two icons mentioned above, Fort Denison, Luna Park, Kirribilli House and more! With delicious  food, amazing views and killer beverage options, you can’t go wrong with this one!


The Sydney lunch cruises are also an excellent idea to go about sightseeing the top attractions, but this time under the glow of the bright sun! These cruises are a great way to start your adventure in Sydney, so don’t even hesitate! Book now!


The biggest advantage of visiting Sydney in August is that you’ll save a lot of time as there are fewer crowds meaning there’s no waiting lines for most tourist attractions.


Meet an alpaca


The only thing cuter than alpacas are baby alpacas. If you agree then we have the perfect experience lined up. Located only 1.5 hours away from Sydney, Madison’s Mountain Retreat, Kurrajong Heights, is a rural resort set on an alpaca farm.  If you’re keen on meeting these lovely animals you can book on their website and arrive 15 minutes prior for the bio security check. From there, you’ll be guided to the paddock where the alpacas frolic around, who knows maybe you will even get to hand feed them! In this experience which can last up to an hour, not only will you see and pat these curious animals but you will also learn quite a few interesting facts about them. You can meet them till the end of September.


Connect with nature 


Embarking on adventures and exploring nature is what Sydney is all about. Littered with thrilling activities and natural wonders, the Blue Mountains can be your ideal one-day trip from Sydney city centre. It is your ultimate opportunity to unplug from your cell phones and laptops and be one with nature . There are more than enough scenic walking trails and bushwalks, where you can come across the rich plant and wildlife, not to mention the legendary Three SIsters rock formation. But it’s not just about the natural wonders, the nearby Blackheath, Katoomba and Leura are towns which will give you a glimpse of the local people and their culture, and maybe even explore its museums, cafes and shops.


Go home with a souvenir


You simply can’t go back home without getting a souvenir. Sydney is a city with a diverse culture and while you can still buy a thing or two from the famous The Rocks weekend market or Paddy’s market, there’s something special about the monthly held Bronte Bazaar Saturday markets. From plants, crafts, vintage art and food, you can go through over 30 local markets. And you won’t just be buying something for you but also helping out local businesses in doing so.

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