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If there’s one thing I cannot get enough of in Sydney, it’s the scenic surroundings that are teeming with natural and urban wonders. I am Max, a vlogger-slash-traveller-slash-entrepreneur from the spectacular Land Down Under. This article is dedicated to all those first-time visitors in Sydney, the Emerald City. Check out my handpicked experiences that shouldn’t be missed at all–from an ardent traveller to another. 


Sydney Harbour Cruises


One of my most cherished childhood experiences in the city is a Sydney Harbour cruise dinner with my family. I remember standing in awe at the sight of the iconic Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, which by the way, is also called the ‘Coathanger’ by us locals. I am now 35 years old and not a year goes by without one day of it dedicated to cruising on Sydney Harbour. There are amazing Sydney Harbour lunch cruises and dinner cruises that cater to a wide audience based on their needs and budget. You will get to see numerous other landmarks including Fort Denison, the famous moon-face entrance to Luna Park, Kirribilli House and many more. Another best thing about these cruises is that you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes that are popular across the world. Most cruises these days have fully licensed and stocked onboard bars serving a fine selection of beers, wines, spirits and juices. Check out this experience if you’re a fan of dining with a view, especially waterfront views. 


Sydney Fish Market 


You know you’re in Sydney when seafood isn’t a rarity. The biggest and most popular seafood destination in the city is the renowned Sydney Fish Market. From freshly caught fish from the sea to freshly cooked seafood, the stalls at the market offer a wide range of seafood items for you. Another interesting fact is that this market is one of the biggest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Most travellers heading towards the Sydney Fish Market come here to get a glimpse of the fishmongers, the fresh oysters and sashimi. Come here during the holidays to see the biggest auctions and a wonderfully diverse crowd. 


Walk the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk 


The most beautiful and coveted blessing of Sydney is its stunning beaches. It is recorded that there are over a 100 beaches in the city excluding the idyllic harbour beaches. Along the NSW coastline, you will discover many beautiful coastal paths that are teeming with diverse flora and fauna. But if you’re confused as to which beach you should visit, the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk will suffice to give you that long-lasting impression of the city’s beaches; it takes you through the most scenic and popular beaches. So, don’t miss a chance if you come across tour groups in Sydney headed towards this particular stretch. Or perhaps, you could set out on a walk on your own or with your immediate companions for the most memorable walk. 


Blue Mountains 


Who would believe Sydney, a city so urban and warm to have the spectacular Blue Mountains!? This popular hill station in New South Wales got its name from the bluish fog-laden Eucalyptus forest in the area. Other notable attractions in the Blue Mountains are the Three Sisters, the Jenolan Caves and Katoomba waterfalls. Come here during any time of the year for a break from the heat and the city buzz. There are plenty of sightseeing tours from the city centre headed towards the Blue Mountains, so you can get on board one of these for a well-organised and memorable experience of the mountains. Or you could drive to the Mountains for one of the most scenic road trips in the city. 


I hope these destinations in the city would be the best for starters; I promise to be back soon with an even more engaging list of attractions in Sydney. Until then, byeee! 


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