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Six Best Venues to Throw a Corporate Christmas Party in Sydney

A few months more and we have the much awaited festive season in Sydney! That exciting time of year when you would be busy planning parties at home with friends and family. We, as employees, love to party with our colleagues too, don’t we? Many companies throw corporate Christmas parties to reward employees for their […]

Here are Four Alternatives to the Usual Office Party

  Celebrations are one way to bring people together, especially if it involves a diverse group like in most corporate companies. The holiday spirit in Sydney is marked by annual corporate events and meetings that are usually hosted to show love and appreciation to the workforce and their year of hard work. But office parties […]

Notable Locations to Celebrate Xmas with Loved Ones

The Christmas season is always and would be a joyous time filled with love, kindness and prosperity. Sharing the love and happiness the season offers is also one of the best feelings no one could ever forget in their lifetime. Have you got any truly astonishing Christmas party ideas? If you are interested in spending […]

How to Celebrate Christmas in Aussie Like a Local

Christmas in Australia might not exactly be what you’ve often seen and heard about! Clearly not “white” as they call it in the west, the Aussie Christmas comes during the summer season. Born and brought up an Aussie, I always look forward to the arrival of summer, and the festivities that follow. Having travelled to […]

Four Ways to Make Your Christmas Celebrations Exciting

Christmas in Australia is a wonderful experience that will change the way you look at celebrations in general. When in one corner of the world, Christmas is celebrated during the winter season, Australia welcomes the same during summer. And that’s one of the stark differences I experienced in my first year in Sydney. I am […]

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