Things to Know Before You Visit Sydney

Sydney, the stunning Emerald City, is a beautiful seaside city with abundant natural and urban wonders. Today, it is listed as one of the most liveable cities in the world—with an easy-going lifestyle, rich multiculturalism, diverse food scene, and more. I’ve been living in Sydney for more than a decade now, and never even once has this poster child for an ideal city stopped amusing me! Its quirks and dispositions are sharp, and attractions aplenty. If you’re new to the city, here are some tips that will hopefully help you understand Sydney and its people a bit better.

Sydneysiders love bragging about the Harbour

The world-famous Sydney Harbour is truly one of the most picturesque places. Home to the spectacular Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the place attracts a large number of tourists and locals. When you live in this city, it’s only natural that you feel the urge to brag about the world’s prettiest harbour.  One of the best things I’ve loved doing whenever I visit is a harbour cruise dinner, a popular night-time activity in the city.

Compared to the numerous waterfront cafes, restaurants and other venues, these cruises offer a wholesome experience that combines sightseeing and dining. I remember the first time I hopped aboard a dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour and I instantly fell in love head-over-heels with the harbour. To date, I make it a point to include a harbour cruise on my monthly to-do list. If this experience keeps rekindling my feelings for the city each time I cruise, I’m sure a newbie would be spellbound by its charm and beauty!

There are better beaches than Bondi

It may be an outrageous thing to say, maybe even a thoughtcrime! But there…I’ve said it and so have so many travel enthusiasts like me in the city. Sure, Bondi may be a tourist magnet, but on any usual day, it’d be a struggle to find a spot to squeeze your towel in. And for the same reason, I suggest you look for other beaches in the city. There are some 100 beaches hugging the NSW coastline and you may head over to anyone who looks appealing to you. 

Sydney’s food habits are bound to confuse you

The city’s multicultural status quo is one of the most attractive features discussed on almost all travel forums. However, for the uninitiated, this may come as confusing. Australia has a strong Asian influence among many others. Whether you’re from the western-most part of the world from the Mediterranean or from the east, finding your comfort food won’t be much of a trouble when you’re in Sydney. From what we’ve known and seen, the city’s food scene is quite dynamic and innovative. Every other month, the city gets a new café or a restaurant, making new attempts at fusion cuisine. If you’re someone who has a thing for the weirdest food combinations, then Sydney is your place to be! And for a heads up, you can lose your worries regarding the “confusion.” Because it will only be a matter of time before you start enjoying the city’s quirky food habits. 

Sydney’s the best place to fuel your caffeine addiction

Coffee…that’s one thing I can’t live without! And to my luck, I live in one of the most coffee-licious corners of the world. If you happen to be a coffee-lover too, then Sydney is sure to fuel your love affair with this amazing beverage. While there are many other countries making the claims of brewing the best coffee in the world, Sydney doesn’t fall back on showcasing its potential. With smoother, lighter and more caramel, Sydney’s coffee variations have received much greater appreciation from caffeine lovers across the globe than any other kind.

I hope you find these facts about Sydney useful. Stay tuned until I’m back with more fun facts for you!

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