Three Friends, Three New Year’s Eve Experiences


Only five months from welcoming another new year, and I just can’t help myself from thinking how quickly the days went by. I’m not usually the one to be nostalgic, but recently I was scrolling through my gallery on my phone and I found a few photos from last new year’s eve I spent with my neighbours. It was also the first time I welcomed the new year away from my family and friends. My friends and I are a group of three and one of the hardest things I had to do in life was moving to a different city.  This article talks about how my friends and I celebrated the last New Year’s Eve at different places. 


My First Time Aboard a Sydney New Year’s Eve Cruise 


Like I mentioned, my previous New Year’s Eve was spent with my neighbours. I had migrated from India to Sydney for higher studies and I was barely settling in when I was invited by a bunch of youngsters from my neighbourhood for a party aboard one of the New Year’s Eve cruises on Sydney Harbour. I had heard lots about the massive Sydney NYE fireworks on the harbour, and this was the perfect chance to see it from up close. It was indeed amazing to see the lights burst into the sky at 9pm and midnight. The harbour waters looked unbelievably beautiful as it reflected the myriad hues and lights. The popular New Year’s Eve dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour are also the best vantage points to enjoy the fireworks as most of them are positioned in the exclusion zones. 


Rena’s Epic New Year Celebration in Aviemore 


Contrary to the warm summer climate that I experienced in Sydney during the New Year’s Eve, Rena saw the new year rising in Scotland, one of the most beautiful places in the world. She told me about Hogmanay, a party that lasts an entire week, in the run up to New Year’s Eve. But the most exciting part about her NYE celebration was Aviemore, a beautiful resort town in Scotland. From experiencing some great snow and ice climbing to skiing in the corries and mountaineering, her last day of the year 2021 was as epic as it could ever be. And I can’t be more excited as I tell you this…Matt and I are planning an adventure trip to Scotland this December. 


Matt’s Brightest NYE in Central America


“If you were to travel around the streets of Central America around the New Year, I wouldn’t blame you if you think the world’s entire supply of fireworks comes from here,” quoted Matt in his letter after he attended the New Year’s Eve celebration in Guatemala last year. Unlike many other countries and cities, Central Americans always celebrated their New Year’s Eve privately. But they’re nothing less than grand. At the stroke of midnight, everyone lights their fireworks and the entire region creates a magical environment that is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime. 


Whatever be the kind of celebration we attend, I’ve come to realise that having your friends around would make any occasion more enjoyable than it can ever be otherwise. This year was great for me, especially because I met a lot of new people. But there’s that void that can only be filled by my special people. Matt and Rena are the best things that happened in my life. This is some cringe content, I know! And if M and R were to read this at all (I suppose they wouldn’t find it), they’d surely make fun of me for being such a snowflake. Anyways, thanks a lot for making it to the end dearos! I’ll be back with more cringe…uh sorry…interesting content. Until then bye!

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