Tips for a Perfect Party: An Employee’s POV

It might be freakishly early but you’ll thank us later for setting the ball rolling on planning the perfect corporate Christmas party. With so many companies hosting their annual office party around this time, it will be the early birds who hit the jackpot. We went all out and asked over 50 employees what their ideal office party would look like, and trust me when I tell you this, the response was brutal. More than half of them dreaded such annual parties and often skipped them, but they also had some killer ideas in mind to make sure the party runs smoothly.


From setting the budget, theme and venue to dialling up on the food, drinks and activities, here are a couple of ways you can actually host a fun corporate party.


‘Step Into’ the ideal venue 


The setting is where all the magic needs to happen. Unique venues such as the corporate Christmas party cruises on Sydney Harbour always deliver when it comes to setting up the perfect ambience for a work party. They are also pretty popular among corporates as they are very cost-effective; depending on whether you’d like a daytime or nighttime event, you can go through their dinner and lunch cruises. With lip-smacking multi-cuisine dishes, an extensive beverage list, and stunning views of the Sydney skyline, these cruises are definitely a game changer. And with the likes of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Fort Denison and Luna Park passing right by you, you’re never short on photo ops. Your boss will definitely put you on a pedestal for coming up with this one!


Deck it up


When it comes to taking the boring element out of a party, themes can make quite the impact. In fact, they can make all the difference; think a throwback party, a college-theme party, a black-tie event, masquerade ball, food themes, costume themes, or the classic summertime BBQ party. The potential is limitless. The good bits will stand out, afterall it is the little touches that make the biggest differences. And if kept short and sweet, sneak in some engaging speeches or award ceremonies. Just make sure no one is left out!


Slave to the rhythm


Music is an integral part of any event, be it casual or formal. One thing that was common in every response we received was the element of music. Take out the ol’ standard DJs who just stand there playing boring repetitive music and replace him with a funky club DJ who can control the crowd with his bnagers. Depending on the theme or character of your party, you can even choose a rock ‘n roll band and break the barriers between the millennials and old folk. It will be an opportunity for all your colleagues to let their hair down and jive to the great sounds of the 70s and 80s. You can also stir it up with some form of DIY fun including karaoke!


A blue-sky thinking


 Straying away from the traditional ways of partying  was another common response that came up. Not all parties need to centre around a fancy venue with drinks and entertainment. Try something unique and out of the ordinary that helps boost morale and synergy. It could be a thrilling axe-throwing experience where your staff can let their hair loose and battle it out for the title of axe-throwing champion. It could be a visit to an escape room where your team can work together to solve puzzles and mysteries, and find a way out. You can even reward the team for a well-worked escape by buying the drinks afterwards!

A handy tip


If you have checked off everything listed above, all you need to do is draw up an itinerary and circulate the key players and if you’re going for the Christmas party harbour cruises in Sydney, book in advance.

Need more? Stay tuned for part two!

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