Top 10 tips for fitness success

Maintain Fitness:

In order to achieve success, you need to make sure you are on the right path, regardless of why you want to stay active – losing weight, improving your strength, or improving your fitness overall.

Fitness goals can be achieved with motivation, but it’s always helpful to have some tips and advice to help you along. It’s difficult to know who to trust these days, as anyone can claim to be a fitness expert.

Our Dark Fate challenge included creating three lists to help you cut through the noise. Using our tips will help you reach your fitness goals, from exercise tips to mindset tips to nutrition guidelines.


Maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle requires regular exercise. Developing a fitness routine and staying motivated are the first steps to turning a hobby into a lifestyle.

Training regularly will not only make you fitter, faster, and stronger, but it will also become a habit. You can enjoy the gym more by following our top exercise tips.

1. Workout How – No two gym members are alike. It is our goal to help you determine which style is best suited to your needs. Feel free to ask us anything!

2. Know your limits – Make sure you understand your limits, and do not take on too much at one time. Build yourself up step by step.

3. BE INFORMED – Make sure you know what you’re doing before you try a machine or exercise you’re unfamiliar with. Make sure you exercise safely by asking us for help.

4. Stretch – Before and after each workout, stretch to achieve success.

5. A QUARTER OF REST IS EQUAL TO ONE HOUR OF EXERCISE – Getting the right amount of rest is vital to staying fresh and ready to train.

6. Eat right food – Make sure you’re fueled up for your training by eating the right foods at the right times.


It is always the mind that fails before the body, as the terminator himself stated. Lacking motivation will make it very difficult for you to exercise regularly and eat well. It is essential to have a positive attitude when it comes to getting out of bed and heading to the gym in the morning.

You’ll be much more likely to stick with your workouts if you determine why you want to exercise and what elements of fitness you really enjoy.

1. BREAKING AWRAY HABITS – Replace your bad habits with positive routines.

2. This is an excellent way to see your progress and congratulate yourself on your accomplishments.

3. COMMIT – Make a commitment to someone in your life, such as a family member or friend, and be accountable to them.

4. Motivate – Motivate yourself by rewarding yourself after completing a task well done.

5. Change for Good – Maintain your fitness journey once you’ve made progress and move forward every day.

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