Top Attractions to See The Best of Australia

Australia is one of the world’s favourite travel destinations. With so much to do and see in this vast oceanic nation, it’s really hard to handpick just a few experiences. With that being said, we think that to best enjoy and appreciate what the country is all about, you need to add these activities to your Australian itinerary. 


Cruise on Sydney Harbour


When it comes to iconic attractions in Australia, Sydney and its harbour are high on that list. Hailed as one of the most luxurious cities on the planet, Sydney is sure to mesmerise you with its dazzling skyline, pockets of nature, buzzing city centre and many more! An experience you’ll be talking about for years to come is witnessing the beauty of the city onboard the dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour. Drift the harbour waters, enjoy a sophisticated dining, soak up the views of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and more, and end your epic night in style. You get to click awesome photos of you and your companions against the brilliant backdrop of the city and its landmark attractions! The lunch cruises also offer the same experience, except under the sun, giving you better views of the harbour attractions.


Dive or Snorkel at the GBF


The best of what Australia has to offer lies in its natural wonders and pockets of greeneries. What makes the Great Barrier Reef special is the fact that it extends from shallow estuaries to deep oceanic waters–this is where all the magic lies. One of the world’s most complex and unique range of ecological communities and species thrives here, making it the largest coral reef system on Earth. Exploring this natural gem should be up there on your list of things to do when travelling to the Land Down Under. From diving to unknown depths, to snorkelling on the surface, or simply exploring the reef by a boat, you can indulge in many immersive experiences. You can also take a scenic flight tour over the reef on helis, seaplanes and aeroplanes or even a full-day charter flight to watch the reef and the rainforests from several thousands of feet above.


Hike through the Tassie landscape


Tasmania and its vibrant culture often gets overshadowed by the myriad of attractions Australia offers to its visitors. Why Tasmania? Almost 40% of the land is made up of exquisite national parks. Here you will find everything from dense forests, white sandy beaches, splendid beaches and attractions like Cradle Mountain, Bay of Fires, Russell Falls, Wineglass Bay and many more! Start by driving off to the Tasman National Park and enjoying your first glimpse of the stunning, pristine coastline of the Tasman Peninsula. Then you can try camping at Friendly Beaches in Freycinet National Park, where you can expect a wild wallaby to come and say hello, while checking out the beauty of these white sands. This area is also home to one of the must-see destinations within the Tassie land, the iconic Wineglass Bay. These attractions will only scratch the surface of what Tasmania actually has to offer so it will be ideal if you could spend 1-2 weeks here and explore the rest of the land.


Road Trips!


Australia is on a whole different level when it comes to offering road trips. The Great Ocean Road, for instance, is a 375km scenic route which takes you past some of the most awesome UNESCO-listed sites. You can do the drive within a day or choose to split into several days, which is ideal. And whether you’re a pro overlander, don’t prefer to drive your own car or are seeking to experience van life, the nation offers some of the best road trips in the entire world–which serves as excellent means to see the country.

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