What Are The Perks Of R1 Soft Server Backup?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that your firm runs on loads of data, and you and your firm are overstressed and burdened with staff, products and services, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, client and customer data, and the list goes on and on. On the off chance; that these imperative details are not with you, it is correct to say that the survival of your business will get arduous, especially in this highly competitive world.

With a pool of crucial data in the firm, it is obvious; you want to give a try to various methods or alternatives to keep your data backed up. Isn’t it? And whenever you find any solution, you rush to use it to keep your data secure. But in reality, most time your approach turns out into a failure. So, if you are looking for a good option, it will be a wise choice to go all out for R2 Soft Server Backups. There are many R1 Soft Backup providers that can help you keep your data safe and secure.

Working with the R1Soft Server Backup needs efficient technical experts to keep a continuous eye on the functioning and storage of your firm’s data. That’s why it is important to seek the services of a seasoned R1Soft Server Backup services provider.

If you are yet not convinced, here are a couple of reasons why we have proposed to switch to R1Soft Server Backups. Keep reading to learn and know more.

  1. Works on the CDP (continuous data protection) technology: When it is about CDP technology also known as continuous data protection technology, it is right to say that it is a contemporary technology that is utilized in the backup server. It offers a lot of benefits over conventional file backups and speeds the operations. The use of technology enhances the performance of the backup and network.
  2. Facilitated with block-based backups: To your knowledge, the backup solutions are typically defined depending upon file level and block level. Under the file level, you will have the full backup of the separate folders on the desktops; on the other hand, the block level can directly read from the disk or volume. Bear in mind, the number of files does not matter for the R1Soft backup Server.
  3. Supports multi-platform: The best thing is- there is no need to change the working process when implementing the R1Soft backup Server. This service is compatible with multi-platform, for example, Windows, Microsoft, Linux, and other virtual platforms like VMware, Citrix Xenserver, and much more.
  4. Equipped with disk safe encryption: To your knowledge, the backups are fully secured with AES-256 disk-safe encryption. This is turned on at the time of the making of disk safes that assist in safeguarding the data stored in the backup server and over the network.

These were some of the many amazing features of R1 Soft Server Backup and that’s why we have recommended this to you. For more information, please contact us whenever you want.


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